Las Vegas Holdem Poker Strategies

Playing Tight

No matter what type of poker you play with, tight is always considered the best. In Texas holdem poker the word tight play means that you have to fold before the flop. If you are a beginner then playing super tight might be the best style as super tight means playing lesser hands than tight.

You should also limit yourself to the top ten starting hands if you are a newbie. These starting hands are pairs of 7s, AK and AQ. In some low limit games if the players are bad, you can earn the pot by doing a pre-flop. And for this, you will have to be a little selective about the hands you play.

Texas Holdem Strategy on Flop

The term fit or fold is often used in cases when your flop does not fit your hold card and you fold them right away. To cite an example of this situation let us consider that you have flopped AKQ and the cards in the hole, shows a pair of 7. If any another person has a King, Queen or an Ace you are considered beat. So it would be better to fold this flop.

If you have AK as pre-flop and it comes down then you have the top two pair which is a good hand. The bet should be raised and more money should be put into the pot.

The pot odds should also be considered while playing poker. The decision should be made in such a way that you will be profited by it. Now for our example let us consider that there is 5$ in the pot and to draw a card it is going to cost you 5$ then you are making it even and the odds of winning are 1:3, which is a negative expectation. If you have 30$ in the pot and it costs you 5$ to draw a card then this is a profitable situation as the odds of winning are 6:1.

Types of Players

You should be able to judge the playing style of the players or opponents, at the table. Try to find out whether they are tight aggressive, tight passive, soft aggressive or soft passive. This judgment will help you in making better decisions.

Texas Holdem Strategy Tips

Limiting to the top ten starting cards will also limit your profit although there is a certain amount of risk in going against this tip (if you are a new player). You can make use of suited connectors which is considered a better hand and maximize your profit.

And finally the tips and advice for a no limit game is completely different from a limit game. So decide for yourself as to, on which game you wish to master the strategies (you can master the strategies of both the games, but it is recommended to master any one and then move to other) and move on with it.